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2023 Mobile Cloud Conference | Appointment of the “New Three Years”, countdown to 4 days!

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How crazy is mobile cloud?
Look at the soaring numbers, you’ll understand in seconds
50.3 billion!
That’s right, this is the transcript just handed over by Mobile Cloud
According to the latest financial report of China Mobile
In 2022, the overall revenue of mobile cloud exceeded 50.3 billion yuan
Looking back at the historical records of the past three years
Double in consecutive years, and the growth trajectory is quite adverse
This growth rate is among the top cloud service providers in the domestic market
Belonging to the Absolute Blue Wave Bay
And the industry ranking of mobile cloud is also steadily increasing
(Top six public clouds, top three exclusive clouds, and top one edge cloud)
After watching this shining “record”, we have to say
In the past three years, mobile cloud has completely gone crazy
Why can mobile cloud “kill madness”
With a combination of punches
(1) First, with a straight left punch, hit the net layout directly
To punch, you need to hit the center of gravity
The center of gravity of cloud computing martial arts field is
Computational Power Network
China Mobile’s foresight, as early as 2021
Make computing power networks one of the three key strategies
Started a heavy punch attack
Under the layout of a round of fist rain attacks
Mobile cloud computing power network moving towards leapfrog development
And the resulting increase in combat power is also evident
Comprehensive coverage of various cloud scenarios and computing power requirements
With “4+N+31+X”
Continuous optimization of intensive hierarchical layout
A super large-scale distributed cloud has formed
Abundance of mobile cloud “one point access” resources
Stable Industry No.1
In addition to the layout of basic resources for computing networks
In terms of computing power scheduling and services
His family has also reached the extreme
Mobile Cloud Through the Landing of a New Generation Computing Network Brain
Create integrated arrangement and intelligent scheduling capabilities for computing and networking
Do you think one fierce punch is enough?
No, China Mobile is still increasing its size in 2023
Plan to invest 45.2 billion yuan in the field of computing and networking
More than 240000 new cloud servers will be added
Let’s put it this way, in the construction of the ‘computing power network’
This wave of straight punches from Mobile Cloud can be considered as hitting a bit high
Firmly grasp the initiative of the Cloud Jianghu in one’s own hands
(2) Another right swing to overcome technical difficulties
When the competition in the Cloud Arena enters the second half
Technical barriers have become the key for players to maintain their combat effectiveness
Looking at the entire cloud world
Cloud boxers have developed their own core technologies, which has become a trend
In this regard, mobile cloud is not lagging behind
Frequently using self-developed “swing fists” to overcome technical difficulties
I won’t mention my past achievements
Let’s take a look at the latest research achievements
① Self developed Panshi server
Panshi server has undergone a new upgrade
Liquid cooling heat dissipation technology has been added, making it more low-carbon and energy-saving
And through the integration of software and hardware technology
Realizing zero loss virtualization and soaring network capabilities
② Self developed cloud operating system
Mobile Cloud’s independently developed Big Cloud operating system
Supports 6 major domestic chips, perfect for one cloud and multi-core
Selected in the “Science and Technology Innovation China” Leading Technology List in 2022, and included in the “Central Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Recommendation Catalogue” by the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
③ Implement self development of full stack products
As of now, based on the “big cloud” technology base
Mobile cloud has achieved autonomous control and originality of multiple key technologies
(servers, virtualization, big data, cloud management platforms, etc.)
More than 1300 independent intellectual property rights
Build a full stack of product self-development capabilities
More than 230 products such as cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence have been launched online
Construction of Left Direct Fist Computing Network and Self research on Right Swing Fist Technology
Mobile Cloud, with its solid basic skills, has already set off a “cloud boxing scene”
However, Mobile Cloud did not accept the call and continued to exert its efforts
(3) Another wave of front jab, empowering the industry
Mobile Cloud knows well, in the second half of the Cloud Battle
We must delve deep into the industry to explore and fight
Resonance with Qianxing Baiye at the same frequency
And this is precisely the strength of being an operator
So, the mobile cloud industry’s jab combination
The power is quite superb
From the industry to the industry
Duel with “old irons” in the industry
Create over 100 scenario based solutions
With these ground-based scenarios for cloud deployment
Mobile Cloud has exceeded 2 million online customers
Serving over 3700 central state-owned enterprises and promoting the cloud landing of over 6200 industries
Created a large number of government cloud, medical cloud, and education cloud samples
Build 17 provincial-level and over 150 prefecture level government cloud platforms, as well as 2080+cloud projects;
Build 15 provincial and regional education cloud platforms to serve 350000 schools;
Build 12 provincial-level medical cloud platforms and 420+cloud projects
A set of ‘combination punches’ hit here
Having resources, technology, and customers
But the mobile cloud still has a backup plan
(4) Make up a punch and open up the industry ecosystem
It’s important to have many friends when wandering in the cloud world
The purpose of using this hook to move the cloud
It’s about bridging the ecological chain and expanding the ecosystem
In the “Technology Ecology” Arena
The mobile cloud developer community has gathered over 260000 users
Nearly 100 events have been held in total
Assist over 50000 developers in achieving technological innovation
In the “Solution Ecology” Arena
Mobile Cloud Continuously Upgrades Various Ecological Plans
Yunzhou Plan → Qianfan Operation → Wanxiang Plan
Collaborating with hundreds of leading industry solution manufacturers in 17 fields
Introducing over a thousand high-quality partners and 2700 SaaS products+
The ecological value of the platform has reached tens of billions of yuan
At the “Xinchuang Ecology” Arena
Mobile Cloud and Industry Partners and Domestic Software and Hardware Manufacturers
Jointly building a vertical and horizontal information and innovation ecosystem
Preliminary completion of the Xinchuang Cloud Capability Base
(One cloud multi core, full stack autonomy, security and trustworthiness, rich ecosystem)
That’s it, “Cloud Reform” for three years
Mobile Cloud’s boxing skills are becoming increasingly exquisite
Not only is the fist technique tricky, but the explosive power is amazing
Endurance is also quite outstanding
In the end, with boxing skills, explosive power, and endurance
Mobile Cloud Continuously KO Opponents, Completely Killing Crazy
But mobile cloud also knows deeply
Even if you sweep all your opponents and get the gold belt
It’s just a milestone
The road to defending the crown is more difficult and challenging
The boxing world of cloud computing is more about enduring battles and wheel battles
The martial arts of Mobile Cloud are also constantly iterating
Let’s take a look at the boxing prowess of Mobile Cloud in 2023

2023 Mobile Cloud Conference
Will open in Suzhou from 25th to 26th of this month
The Mobile Cloud of ‘Accumulating Power and Starting a New Journey’
What kind of “combo punch” will be played again
Let’s see at the meeting
This conference has a luxurious lineup and a per capita leader
3000 Heroes and Talents Attend the Conference
Government leaders, academicians and experts, industry clients, and partners
Investment institutions, media giants
Sharing cutting-edge thinking and practical insights in the cloud age
Exploring the Deep Integration of Cloud Computing Technology and Industry
This conference, a new strategy, a new capability
Under the theme of “Cloud Engine Future – Zhixin World”
Mobile Cloud to Release a New Brand Image
And propose new strategic goals under the digital China situation
And new capabilities based on technology kernel 3.0
At that time, the first computer network brain in China will shine on the stage
This conference showcases the achievements and discusses the industry
4 major sections, 10+themed sub forums
Fundamentals of computing, innovation in capabilities, ecological win-win, and industrial empowerment
Tonghua Intelligent Computing, Security, Cloud Native, Database, Metaverse
Hot topics are booming, topics are sparkling, and dry goods are crunching hard
There is also a 2600 square meter interactive exhibition area
Fully demonstrate the core capabilities and cutting-edge achievements of mobile cloud
And more than 40 partners including Huawei and ZTE
Display the key cooperation achievements of both sides in multiple fields
The new round of decisive battle in the Cloud Jianghu is about to begin
What is the power of Mobile Cloud’s “combo punch combination”
Let’s watch together~