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What will the future of Python look like in the next decade?

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After reading the answers to some articles, I don’t think there is a single answer that really discusses this issue from the perspective of 10 years later. What is discussed is actually the current status or problems of python. I think when discussing this issue, we always discuss it. On the one hand, rational analysis is required, and on the other hand, we must dare to open our minds. As a pair of programmers who are more interested in the latest technology, I will first take you to open your minds and imagine the world in 2027:

The following views are predictions based on rational analysis!

Until 2027:

Autonomous driving is quite mature. More than 30% of the cars on the street are driverless. Many private car owners turn on the automatic driving mode of their cars during work hours, allowing them to take orders and earn extra money
The battery life of electric vehicles can reach 1,000 kilometers. Major automobile companies have announced that they will no longer produce gasoline and diesel vehicles. All vehicle batteries have been standardized. If there is no electricity, it only takes 5 minutes to replace the battery at the charging station.
Space X’s Mars spacecraft achieved manned round trip for the first time. Elon Musk, the company’s president, released the 2050 plan with confidence. The plan is to achieve a permanent population of more than 5,000 on Mars by 2050. By this century, there will be no Mars. Build a small city with more than 100,000 people
A large number of industries use robots to replace labor. Low-skilled projects such as drivers, security guards, express delivery, cleaners, supermarket waiters, nurses, and manufacturing workers have been greatly impacted. A large number of unemployment has increased social instability.
In addition to let the robot do the heavy and repetitive work at the bottom, the technical content is also inseparable from the robot. For example, 70% of the investment transactions in the financial industry are automatically completed through the functional investment robot. The robot doctor developed by IBM is tireless. To help patients see a doctor, through the analysis and classification of millions of medical records, it can identify and deal with 95% of the diseases seen by humans, and the misdiagnosis rate is more than 10 times lower than that of human doctors.
China has completely entered a cashless society, all transactions are completed through online payment, the central bank announced the recycling of all banknotes, and the value of banknotes will become invalid in 2030
China’s GDP will surpass that of the United States for the first time in 2025 and become the world’s largest economy
Chinese companies are leading the world in more and more fields. WeChat is widely used in more than 100 countries. Huawei and Xiaomi mobile phones have become the world’s second and third largest mobile phone manufacturers, and Samsung’s market has shrunk sharply. The large aircraft of COMAC has seized 20% of the civil aviation market, and China has undertaken the construction of many high-speed railways in developed countries in Europe and the United States
China is more confident in its political system and has become more open to the outside world. Google and Facebook will enter China again in 2022 to conduct business
VR games have become the standard configuration of games, and more than half of people’s leisure time is spent playing games
More and more people choose to be single. Beautiful, sexy and considerate sex robots are very popular among urban nerds. Many people save money not to buy cars and houses, but to have a robot boyfriend and girlfriend of their own.
In 2027, scientists announced that a complete cure for AIDS has been achieved
Human senescent cell reconstruction technology was born. Through the cleaning of senescent cells and the regeneration of new cells, the appearance of human beings can be 10 years younger within a month. Through several cell reconstruction operations, human life is expected to be extended to 150-200 years old. Therefore, his values have been greatly impacted, because even at the age of 60, his physique can still be the same as that of the current 40-year-old
Well, your brain hole has been opened, so let’s look at Python now

By 2027, Python has launched version 5.0, with extremely high development efficiency and fast running speed, and has become the most popular development language for programmers in the world! More than 50% of IT systems in the world are developed based on Python!
This is not alarmist or exaggerated. The reason why I make such a judgment is because I think that Python is the most likely language to meet human expectations for programming among all the languages I know so far. What are human expectations for programming languages? It means “higher, faster and stronger”! Wait, isn’t that a sports slogan? . .

That’s it, explain it separately:

Higher—higher development efficiency. In the past two years, Python has become popular in the industry. I have been thinking about why. Apart from the fact that cloud computing has brought a wave of rhythm to Python, is there any other reason? There must be, and I think another main reason is that the enthusiasm for Internet entrepreneurship has been soaring in recent times. Thousands of programmers have listened to various entrepreneurial chicken soup, quit big companies to work steadily and play entrepreneurship, and Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship Street in 14 and 15 years It was a lively event. The Prime Minister has been there several times. I also tried one or two projects with my friends at the time. At that time, everyone was eager to develop things quickly to get financing. At that time, the investors’ minds were also hot. , A large amount of money is invested in various start-up companies for their various cash subsidies to grab users. Time is money. Everyone can’t wait to have an idea today, and the product will be launched tomorrow. The product will be launched for a month at night, and the war may have nothing to do with you. Therefore, a language with extremely high development efficiency has entered the eyes of developers. Developers do not know where the development efficiency is higher than C and Java because of the help of God. Many start-up companies choose Python as the development language, although those start-ups Most of the companies failed, but it gave birth to the foreplay of Python’s popularity in China.

Faster – running faster, obviously Python is not a fast language, and slow is also the main reason why many programmers criticize Python, but in recent years, the PyPy interpreter has continuously improved the running speed of Python, running through PyPy In some scenarios, the speed of the program directly approaches the C language. I believe that in a few years, the running speed of Python will no longer be a problem. In addition, due to the recent rapid development of CPU processing speed, the speed of programming language itself is no longer the main consideration in most business scenarios (except for businesses that are extremely sensitive to response speed, such as search).

Stronger – more powerful, this is another one of the main reasons for Python’s fire, Python’s standard library and third-party libraries are so powerful that you can’t imagine, no matter what direction you want to engage in technical programming, you can almost find Corresponding library support, the following are just a few chestnuts:

WEB development – Django, the hottest Python web framework, supports asynchronous and high-concurrency Tornado framework, short and compact flask, bottle, Django’s official slogan defines Django as the framework for perfectionist with deadlines (to the effect that it is a development for perfectionist Efficient web framework)
Network programming – supports high concurrency Twisted network framework, asyncio introduced by py3 makes asynchronous programming very simple
Crawlers—in the crawler field, Python is almost dominant, Scrapy\Request\BeautifuSoap\urllib, etc., you can crawl whatever you want
Cloud Computing – The most popular and well-known cloud computing framework is OpenStack, Python is now popular, a large part of which is because of cloud computing
Artificial intelligence – who will become the first development language in the era of AI and big data? This is already a question that does not need to be debated. If it is said that three years ago, Matlab, Scala, R, Java and Python still had their own opportunities, and the situation was still unclear, then three years later, the trend has become very clear, especially after Facebook open-sourced PyTorch two days ago, Python as AI The position of the top language of the era is basically established, and the suspense in the future is only who can secure the second position.
Automated operation and maintenance – ask every operation and maintenance personnel in China, what language must the operation and maintenance personnel know? 10 People I Believe Will Give You the Same Answer, and It’s Named Python
Financial analysis – I was in the financial industry before. In 10 years, many analysis programs and high-frequency trading software written by our company used Python. So far, Python is the most used language in the field of financial analysis and quantitative trading
Scientific calculations – Did you know that since 1997, NASA has been using Python extensively for various complex scientific calculations. With the development of many libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Enthought libraries, Python has become more and more popular. It is suitable for doing scientific calculations and drawing high-quality 2D and 3D images. Compared with Matlab, the most popular commercial software in the field of scientific computing, Python is a general-purpose programming language with a wider range of applications than the scripting language used by Matlab.
Game development – Python also has many applications in online game development. Compared with Lua or C++, Python has higher-level abstraction ability than Lua, and can describe game business logic with less code. Compared with Lua, Python is more suitable as a Host language, that is, the entry point of the program is in Python That end will be better, and then write some extensions in C/C++ when very necessary. Python is very suitable for writing projects with more than 10,000 lines of code, and it can well control the scale of online game projects within 100,000 lines of code. In addition, as far as I know, the well-known game <Civilization> is written in Python
After listing so many, you will find that Python is excellent in almost every field mentioned above. This is a full-stack language in the true sense. Even the most widely used Java language in the world is different from Python It is also much inferior in comparison! I still can’t see any language that can make these achievements in so many fields at the same time.

Finally I’m making a couple of Python-related predictions:

Within 5 years, Python will replace PHP as the most popular WEB development language
In 10 years, the usage of Python will approach or even surpass that of Java
Within 10 years, mainstream artificial intelligence technology will be developed based on Python
The fields where Python application rate has achieved the first place include: cloud computing, crawler, automated operation and maintenance, financial analysis
Finally, copy a piece of text seen from other blogs, maybe it really indicates the future of Python:

Around 2003 or 2004, I bought a Python book written by a Brazilian. He said that the reason why he chose Python firmly was because when he was a child, he often dreamed that the future world would be ruled by a boa constrictor (Python in English is python).
At that time, I thought this buddy was so pitiful, he could dream of such a horrible scene in his dreams. But looking at it today, maybe he just accidentally traveled to the future like Anderson, the programmer in The Matrix, and spied the truth of the world.